Carry Crab with Nudibranch
Ethusa sp & Glossodoris hikuerensis


I’ve seen many strange things, weird behaviour and odd critters while in Lembeh, but this is one of the most bizarre sights I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing…

Now I’ve seen Carry Crabs carrying Urchins, Jellyfish, banana skins, pieces of cardboard and crinoids….I’ve seen shrimp and even fish on nudibranchs…but what I had never seen and, to be honest, never expected to see, was a nudibranch on a crab!

What started out as ‘hey, look, there’s a big nudi on the sand…it’s not moving much…’ turned into ‘Holy Cow!!! That Carry Crab got hold of a Nudi!!!’

Carry Crabs usually hold on to an Urchin (if they are an Urchin Carry Crab) or an Upside-down Jellyfish (if they are a Jelly Carry Crab). They have an adapted back pair of legs that can hold onto their ‘hat’ which stops the urchin or jelly from moving away. The crab can then bury itself in the sand, leaving the unappetising urchin/jelly on the surface and thereby protecting itself.

I had never heard of a crab grabbing a nudi and wouldn’t have believed it unless I had seen it for enjoy this very rare sight…

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