Cuapetes Shrimp


These particular shrimp are often overlooked, as to the casual eye or photographer they are perhaps deemed ‘boring’. They are almost transparent and do not seem to have another very interesting ‘feature’.

However, while shooting macro video, you start to see something fascinating, something that a photograph cannot reproduce…..

I was filming this shrimp, which is only found in Indonesia, this week and as I was filming an extreme closeup of it’s head I started to see some amazing images. These shrimp are small, their body length about 3cm long, so you cannot see very much detail with your naked eye. And what made my discovery possible was the fact that it is mostly transparent.As I was watching my monitor I noticed an organ inside it’s body, just behind it’s eyes, that was pulsating.

It was mesmerising, watching this little organ, inside a living body, in action. And something that only video can show.

I think that it is either it’s heart or it’s stomach. If someone knows, please can they let me know.

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