Occellate Octopus

I was starting to think I had seen pretty much everything in Lembeh, but yet again was proved wrong.

This is a video of an Occellate Octopus. This is the generic name I have called it. Occellate means ‘eye’. and octopus that get false blue eyes are very rare.

This is an octopus that I found that I have never seen before and can find no reference of. It looked a little like a Coconut Octopus and I found it in the middle of an expanse of sand, hiding by half burying itself.

When I first tried to film it, it shot off, displaying two blue eyes. This got me very interested!!! After he had clamed down i was able to film him.

This is a very unusal octopus. some guides have occassionally seen it, but it’s very very rare. If anyone knows what it is, please let me know. It was much bigger than a Mototi.

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