Pygmy Seahorse
Hippocampus bargibanti


Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorses are one of the critters that helped put Lembeh on the map. Lembeh was one of the first locations where you could be guaranteed to see them and they have rightly become one of the most iconic macro critters.

But they are also one of the most difficult critters to get either good photos or video, and I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s much more difficult to get good video. There are several reason that make them such a tricky subject:

1. They are very small!
2. The live on sea fans, usually towards the edges, which means they are very tricky when it comes to holding your camera steady
3. Seafans like current, so that means the seafan is usually moving around
4. They are seahorses, and that means they like turning away from your lens.

Now this little guy had been on the same seafan for at least that last two years. I visit him whenever I can. On a visit this week several things came together…they was no current, he was at the bottom of the seafan and he didn’t keep on turning away. All this made it possible to get some good video.

And while I was filming him, I kept getting this song playing through my head…as he’s always been on the same seafan, without a partner, I kept hearing the Chipmunk song in my head… ‘I’m so lonely, so lonely…’ and I couldn’t resist putting that music to this clip….

So enjoy some rare extreme close up of one of the most beautiful critters in the ocean.

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