Soft Coral Pipefish
Siokunichthys breviceps


Another video, another new critter for me.

These are tiny, about 4 to 5cm long and very very slim. I had seen some photos that our guests had taken and so was very excited to go and film one, especially as they look like a challenging subject.

Soft Coral is, as the name suggests, soft. This means that it moves around, swaying to and fro. And this means, together with their diminutive size, they are rather tricky to film. Undeterred, as always, I was lucky to find a few of them and managed to keep them in focus for long enough to capture.

They are very beautiful, and they move around, seeking cover in the coral, occasionally poking their heads out to look ‘outside’. After studying the footage on a big screen when I got back, I noticed that I had managed to film a male pipefish, and half way through this clip you can see, on the side of his body, small eyes where the eggs are forming! A wonderful thing to see

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