Two Little Green Shrimp
Phycocaris Sp.


Recommended to watch full screen in HD.

Ever since these Little Green Shrimp were first spotted in Lembeh about 9 months ago, they have become one of the most desired critters for macro nerds to see. The mystical Little Green Shrimp 🙂

They are very very rare and so they can never be guaranteed. If you are here when we’ve found one, you are very lucky indeed. And what’s luckier than finding a Little Green Shrimp? Finding TWO!!!!

We found these two on a rock, about 1 metre in diameter. They seem fairly territorial, with one living one one side and the other on the other side. When they do come together, they ignore each other, then swim back to their ‘side’. We believe this is the first time that two have ever been seen together.

It is almost essential to watch this video in HD and full screen, so you can see the detail of their pink hairy legs, their beautiful eyes and can watch one stretching his body out.

Music: Inside the Zithro Mountains by Welcome Wizard (

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